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There is more to blockchain than just technology. It’s about community, collaboration and participating in the advancements of fellow projects. With this in mind, the Nebulas Foundation in participating with Nebulas Labs will be joining the OKExChain by deploying a node on their brand new platform. In addition, we are offering the Nebulas and blockchain community the opportunity to participate in this node and initially receive 100% of all incentives! Sounds good? Then keep reading!

The Nebulas Foundation has established a $2 million USD innovation and incubation fund, managed by Nebulas Labs and supported by the Blockchain Innovation Project. This project aims to explore and connect Nebulas’ ecosystem to others such as Ethereum and other blockchains with the intention to spur further innovation within Nebulas. …

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For the past few months, the Nebulas team has been developing two new products to directly compete with existing DeFi projects and today we are happy to announce the launch of Link.nextDAO and Swap.nextDAO!

Cross-Chain assets via Link.nextDAO

For too long each blockchain has been limited to its own network resulting in high transaction fees, slow speeds and limiting growth of the global blockchain ecosystem. To combat this issue, Nebulas has developed link.nextDAO which will allow for Ethereum users to utilize Nebulas’ high performance, low latency and low fee blockchain network.

As a result, ETH and ERC20 holders can hold their assets on Nebulas and participate in DeFi with the above mentioned benefits. In addition, this will allow NAS holders to move their assets to Ethereum and participate in the wealth of existing DeFi tools such as Uniswap, …

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This report includes November’s technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Technical Updates

nextDAO and DeFi

Nov. 5: Cross-chain asset conversion Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Exchange Swap.nextDAO public testing begun.

Link and Swap will serve as the initial infrastructure for Nebulas’ DeFi ecosystem and will provide the required features for the development of more DeFi applications on Nebulas.

Swap.nextDAO Decentralized Exchange:

Completed development, extensive testing and submitted the code for audit, including:

  • Smart contract, user interface, and testing of Liquidity Pool incentives.
  • Continued testing and bug fixes.

Link.nextDAO Cross-chain asset conversion.

Completed development, extensive testing and submitted the code for audit. …

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Nebulas’ Decentralized Ways — Part 2

Proof of Devotion (PoD) Community Governance Updates

Chinese version:

We have recently published a previous article on the status of Nebulas’ Decentralization Practices: Proof of Devotion (PoD) Community Governance Half-Year Practice Review. It presents the results and lessons learned from the six months of community governance.

In this part of the Decentralized Practice, we will discuss two topics:

  1. The Boundaries of Decentralized Governance.
  2. How to Achieve Long-Term Governance.

It also provides a new community governance solution that includes both proposal processing rule changes and product upgrades.

Section A:

Broad scope of proposals; difficult to implement on time.

In the 2019, the PoD Node Program launched with the original design to make a system where “All community members can make their own comments and suggestions on the future development of the Nebulas blockchain on Go.nebulas” …

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On March 30, the mainnet of Nebulas Voyager Proof of Devotion (PoD) went live and the decentralization of the Nebulas network began. Just six month later, the entire network and governance is fully decentralized.

Today, we would like to share some stats that have been achieved in just six months!

7 governance votes

38% of proposals approved

Governance participation rate is nearly 99%

Since the first PoD governance vote which was launched on April 29th, 2020, seven governance cycles have been voted on by the Governance Committee. A total of 149 proposals, 18 projects and 7 node claims have been reviewed.

On the proposal side, 57 of them were passed with an average approval rate of 38%. …

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With the initial launch of link.nextDAO and swap.nextDAO currently taking place, the Nebulas Foundation held a live AMA on the Nebulas Discord server. During this event, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas Foundation member Becky Lu answered over 30 questions during the 2 hour event pertaining to DeFi, Nebulas technology, future business model, roadmaps and much more.

This event was a great experience for all involved where the Nebulas Foundation can see what the community is thinking about as well as sharing the direction that Nebulas development is taking. …

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Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Conversion of Swap.nextDAO Public Testing Begins Today’s on the Nebulas and Ethereum testnets. Start by visiting:

Cross-chain asset conversion Link.nextDAO

Cross-Chain Asset Translation Link.nextDAO:

Open source contract code:

  • Enables conversion of ERC20 token to NRC20 token on Nebulas
  • Enables reverse conversion of NRC20 token to ERC20 token on Ethereum
  • Supports Ethereum and Nebulas address exchange requests

Support assets during testing:

  • USDT (Ethereum kovan testnet)
  • nUSDT (Nebulas testnet)

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO address:

Open source contract code:

Available Beta Features:

  • Swap: Flash Exchange Service of tokens on to the Nebulas Blockchain
  • Send: Allows users to directly complete the conversion of the Nebulas token within one transaction and send the converted token to a specified…

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This report includes October’s technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Technology developments

Products and Tools

Swap.nextDAO Research & Development:

Development and testing completed this month includes:

  • Add liquidity development, allowing users to deposit funds to provide liquidity while supporting liquidity removal
  • Contract Call Examples and Local Testing
  • Contract Test Network Deployment Test
  • Interoperable debugging with Link

In addition, the pledged LP was initiated for incentive development to cooperate with the Swap incentive scheme, including:

  • Contract framework
  • Interface design

Link.nextDAO Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Research & Development:

Development and testing completed this month…

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The results can be viewed at:

4 Approved Proposals

Token economy:

  • NIP560— Developer Incentive Protocol V2
  • NIP564 — The Incentive Initiative for Swap.Nextdao 关于星云Swap的激励方案

Community & marketing:

  • NIP567 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter/Medium Operation ( November 2020)

Product improvement:

  • NIP562 — Correcting an issue with increasing Dstaking on Nas nano pro

Governance Cycle Review

  • The completion and approval of 1 out of 1 projects;
  • 49 of the 51 selected nodes participated in governance;
  • 67% of submitted proposals approved;

Next Step

Governance incentives: The governance nodes will receive approximately 800 NAS governance reward at the beginning of the next governance cycle.

Proposals: The approved proposals will be initiated by the Technical Committee and issued on …

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How to maximize passive income within the Nebulas ecosystem

The Nebulas blockchain is a complex yet rewarding ecosystem but may be difficult to understand how to maximize incentives. Today, we are going to take a dive into economics and explore simple methods to increase the earnings of holders via passive and active methods.

The Nebulas blockchain native asset is NAS and is often described as being a similar asset as Ethereum since both assets have and intrinsic value as well as being required to pay for transactions (gas/tx fees).


Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.

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